Blockchain Pacific serves investors, founders and the community by reinventing the practice of venture capital.

multi-disciplinary expertise

The assessment of blockchain investment opportunities requires multi-disciplinary expertise. We engage and reward experts.

However, the key determinant of success for any start-up enterprise is the quality of the team and their ability to define a business model. We bring traditional VC disciplines and experience. 

We apply institutional disciplines to very early stage investing, a category with historically high returns.

Beyond investing activities, the team is actively engaged in collaboration with regulators, industry leaders and the start-up community.

focus on early stage teams

We are not creating crypto hedge funds, index funds or other vehicles to speculate on markets.

We work with exceptional teams doing the long hard work to develop new ways of organising business and society.

We use proven build-test-learn methodologies to validate opportunities and develop optionality in investment outcomes.

We develop alliances to create global networks for token distribution.

Transparency & Participation

We seek to create transparency in ideation, creation, investment and governance.

Our approach brings together the customer access and balance sheet of established corporations, the savvy of early stage investors, and the speed and agility of startups.

We generate portfolio support and rapid learning opportunities through participation by our experts and investors.