Impressions of NEO Devcon 1 in San Francisco Jan 2018


NEO chose to have their inaugural Devcon in San Francisco.  The event was well attended and covered in NEONewsToday.

NEO is often clued the Chinese Ethereum.  I was fortunate to meet founder “Uncle” Da Hongfei in Shanghai last year - he is an impressive guy.  He kicked off the event with an Apple-like “moon shot” video and some stirring words for the newly faithful.

The recent Weiss Ratings assessed NEO as “Good”, alongside Ethereum, EOS, Cardano and Steem.  Check out the photo of a pleased looking Uncle Da above to see see some of the other ratings.

One of the most interesting presentations for me was Li Yanbo, who talked about tokenising the transmission layer in the same way that compute and storage are being tokenised.  He was inspired by Stephen Wolfram’s New Kind of Science, i.e. using simple rules to creat complex behaviours, like cellular autonoma.  Coming next: “proof of relay”.

There was two days of presentations on a variety of topics and projects. My overall impression is that NEO has won over a lot of developers due to the ability to code in several familiar environments like C#, js or Python.  Many developers told me they’d become frustrated learning Ethereum’s Solidity.

However, compared to Ethereum, they are clearly in early days in terms of developing the community and independent projects.  We wish them luck!  But do you need luck when you're the "Chosen One"? Check out the NEO Anthem, as performed live on stage.